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Photo Readings


Photographs are looked at many times, but rarely looked into! Your photograph can hold a whole lot of information you probably never realized, not to mention energy. So what is a psychic photo reading and what can it tell you? The photo reading can help you “discover things about yourself or someone else”, like characteristics, behaviors, abilities and personality traits which may help you understand why you feel or act in certain ways.


A psychic photo reading can also bring clarity and comfort to relationship issues or worries. It can help answer questions, uncover truths and guide you with decisions and choices. I will also connect to and read your aura. Every living thing has an aura that surrounds it which is made up of seven layers/auric bodies. Each of these auric bodies and are interconnected.


You can submit a photo of yourself with someone else, a spouse or partner or someone else. The psychic photo reading offers guidance and can also be a connection to the spirit world. Send a clear photo with any information or questions you may have, along with your name to my email.


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Photo Readings


Full Reading - $100.00    




Per Picture - $40.00