Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation Services

Dream interpretation is the practice of assigning meanings to your dreams through symbolic analysis.

Widely practiced throughout the world for hundreds of centuries, dream interpretation gained widespread acknowledgement in 1899 when Sigmund Freud first published his book The Interpretation of Dreams.

While there are innumerable theories regarding the nuances of analyzing dreams, one thing remains clear – dreams are recognized as a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mind and deciphering the meanings behind your dreams can prove to be a rich journey of self-exploration, growth, and knowledge.

As a dream interpreter I will be able to illuminate more subtle meanings in your dreams and help you identify practical, emotional and spiritual connections between your dream world and reality. I will also be able to objectively contextualize the meaning behind your dreams through the ability to tune into external influences in your life.

  • • Reveal emotional and psychological states of being

  • • Tune into external influences in your life to contextualize the meaning of your dream

  • • Determine whether or not your dream is prophetic

  • • Help you work through day-to-day problems.

Dream Interpretation